Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Just a little picker upper.......

Thought everyone could use a little chuckle. It definitely made me giggle!!
 Hope everyone is having a great week!!

Friday, June 17, 2011

My First Blogger Award

 My first award! Thank you so much Amanda  for nominating me! 

Here are the rules:

*Thank the women who gave you this award, and link back to them in your post.
*Tell us 10 things about yourself.
*Nominate your bloggers.
*Contact these bloggers, and let them know they received this award.
Ten whole things about the one and only, Melissa. Here we go...
1. I am going to be 33 years old on July 2nd. I feel super old!!
2. I am married to the greatest man in the world. I believe that everything happens for a reason, and if I hadn't had a rough past relationship, I never would have met my soul mate. 
3.  I am so anxious to have a baby. We'd like 2, but at my age, I won't push it! The clock is a tickin'!!
4.  I have one dog (Ben) and one cat (Chloe) who are our "four-legged" children. We spoil them and treat them like humans most of the time! But they love us no matter what!
5.  I can't wait to shop in normal clothing stores and go clothes shopping with girl friends. Have always been embarrassed to do it, but when I reach my goal it will be one of the 1st things I will do!
6.  I'm so not a morning person. No matter what I try, I can't do it! I always sleep in until the last possible minute I can before getting ready for work and/or school. What's worse is that the hubby is the jolliest morning person I know......How annoying!!  :)
7.  I'm a nursing student.........I finish next May!! Can't wait to graduate! I've wanted this for a long time and now that I'm in clinicals, it's going by so fast!! 
8.  I have one sister, a niece, a nephew, and a GRAND-nephew! I can't believe my niece had a baby before me, but love the little guy, Logan, SO much!! My niece and nephew have always been like my own children. I spoil them to death!
9. Can't wait to own our own home. Staying with my parents while I'm a full-time student, but hopefully by next summer we will own a home!
10.  I love my parents to death! They have been so supportive with everything I've set my  mind out to do and I don't know what I'd do without them. I'm blessed to have such a great family!
I am so thrilled that I got my first award!! Thanks so much Amanda. 
And the award goes to.........Debi!!!!!!