Tuesday, July 5, 2011

HELP! High protein / Lower calorie drinks

As you all know, I'm getting prepared for banding sometime this summer. Last time I met with the dietitian one of my goals she made for me is to find some high protein drinks that are lower in calorie than Boost or Ensure. I plan to venture out this weekend and do some searching, but I thought my best resource is right here with all of you. Any suggestions for decent tasting drinks?


  1. I've tried the Jillian Michael's chocolate Whey protein powder. It's not phenomenal...but I manage to choke it down most days. If you find anything you like, please let me know!!!

  2. If you are wanting a protein powder, I use Sunwarrior unflavored. It is only 70 calories per serving. Depending what you blend it in, it can be a bit chalky, but I find if I use lots of ice, blended, I don't notice it. The nice thing about the unflavored, is that you can add anything to it.

  3. I agree about the unflavored, I would definitely get some of that. I put it in all kinds of things. I use the Unjury protein, but there are lots of good ones out there. I've also gotten these fruity drinks from GNC called Isopure that have 40g of protein.