Saturday, July 9, 2011

Surgery Consult --> check!

Met with the surgeon yesterday......on to pre-auth with insurance. And then I can finally schedule surgery!! I'm getting super excited, but it's also super scary. I get really worried. but then I look at everyone's progress and I get motivated. I need to do that every day!
So, he showed me both the Lap-Band and the Realize band. Let me feel them, showed me what it looks like when it's filled vs. empty, etc. He said to do some research, talk to people, and decide which band I want. Do any of you have the Realize band? All I ever hear about is the Lap-Band, which is what I'm leaning toward, but I'm just curious if anyone has had really good success with the Realize. The silicone seems so much softer than in the Lap, but he said they both do the same thing and some people choose Realize because of the softness.
 Let me know what you all think!!
Lap Band

Realize Band


  1. I let my surgeon choose. He said that he would have both in the or and would choose the one that would best got my insides. After I couldn't decide he suggested this because he said sometimes when he gets in he thinks the one that wasn't chosen would fit better!

  2. I have the lap-band. My surgeon said that they have both but 90% of the time they use the lap-band. I tried to research both, but I saw more good feedback about the lap-band. The only negative thing I heard about the Realize is that since it doesn't have the individual compartments around the band where the saline is that sometimes it could kink up and the liquid not be evenly distributed. I think they are both good though and you just have to research it and decide with the advice of your doctor.

  3. I have the Realize Band. I didn't have a choice - they just said, "Here's what you are having." It does have a less bulky port...but I can still feel it. (Of course, I think it's cool!!)

  4. I got an email from Lap Band Gal today and she said if I had a choice in bands that she prefers the Lap Band and to email her and she'll explain why. So you might want to check w.her.