Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Weigh in - Week 4 and STUCK

First of all the weigh in results.........I stayed the same!! 290. It could be worse, I could have gained, so I'll take what the scale gave me. I'm doing everything right & I am even exercising now, so it's BOUND to come off!! Right??? 
I did NOT stay off the scale this past week, so I'll try to make that a goal again. NO SCALE UNTIL NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!!!!! I'd also like to get to the gym 3 times this next week. 

OK, now that STUCK it happened!! I went to school, went to the gym, came home & had a few bites of a marvelous tuna salad my husband made, took too big of a bit and didn't chew enough....the rest is history. It felt like it was never going to budge. It felt like I had a watermelon in my chest. I took a sip of water, then a GULP of water and it moved down a bit, but came right back up to it's favorite spot to sit. At that point I felt like it may be a good idea to get to the bathroom. Good idea because I got all sweaty and it came up.

 It was such a relief!! I've never been so happy to vomit!! It wasn't like projectile or anything..........just what went down came back up. For awhile I didn't think there was a band in there, but that was a not so slight reminder that she's in there!! 

Let it be known that I will NEVER eat too fast again!!!!!! 


  1. Sorry to hear about you being stuck! That feeling sucks! After my first episode, I swore that I wouldn't let it happen again! I've done ok so far.

    I also have "scale addiction" it will move in the downward position if you keep on keeping on! :)


  2. I've read so many puke stories from the ladies on here that I hope I can learn from the mistakes of others, but by the looks of it, I guess we all have to learn on our own :-/ nervous for my first fill.

  3. Yes, the scale will move! Don't be discouraged, just keep exercising and eating right and it will happen. Welcome to the PB club!

  4. Welcome to the PB Club! I'm convinced that no one is an official bandster until they do.

    The scale will move. Just keep doing all the right things.

  5. Every time I have one of those incidents I promise myself to never eat too fast again... then I get distracted and it happens again. It is a learning curve.
    Don't worry too much about the scale right now. You are proabley not able to get in enough calories right now. It happens a lot that our bodies go into starvation mode and hold on for a few weeks around this time. Once you can eat around a 1000 calories again you will start moving down.