Monday, August 22, 2011

Eating Crackers & Feeling Guilty

So, as I mentioned a few days ago.....I'm HUNGRY! 
This is what I ate today:
Breakfast: Protein drink and a little bit later some applesauce (3 oz.)
Lunch: Pudding (3 oz.)
Dinner: Grits (3-4 oz.)
Snack: Saltines (I didn't count how many)

I obviously did not do good on my protein drinks or fluids today. About 3-4 hours after I ate the grits for dinner, I found myself wanting something solid. The PA at my surgeon's office said if I need something solid, eat some saltines. So I why do I feel guilty? I'm literally eating 9-12 OUNCES of food a day and I felt like I overate today! 9-12 oz. used to be a fraction of ONE meal prior to getting banded, so why do I feel this way? Am I getting obsessed with food and the scale? Is this normal? I feel like my mind is out of control.......constantly thinking about eating, drinking fluids, getting in my protein drinks, and the worst of it ALL.......the SCALE! I can't stay off the b&#ch!!! It goes up and down so much during the day which in turn makes my confidence go up and down along with it. The PA even told me that I may see a gain before my 1st why don't I listen to her and not go off into my own little warfare with myself and emotions? UUGH! I frustrate myself!!


  1. Hey! I was banded on July 27th and I can totally relate. I am addicted to the scale and it drives me crazy!! My surgeon told me that the first month before the fill usually only results in about a 3-5 kg loss (7-10 lbs). Try not to get too discouraged. When is your first fill? xxx

  2. totally normal. I am 8 months banded and I am obsessed all of the time!!

    Even sometimes the first fill doesn't show a big loss! I lost the most after my second!

  3. What you are feeling is completely normal. Try to relax and stay off the scale.

  4. First...breathe.

    You're normal. Everyone starts freakin' out while they're still in this stage. Sucks not being able to eat. But if you're staying full for 4 hours, you're doing fine. Don't feel guilty over crackers. You'll get through this.

  5. You are normal. I am the same way! Weight fluctuates so much during the day, but that still does not stop me. I had gained 5 pounds from the time of my first week post-op appointment to the time of my first fill.

  6. Totally normal. Sometimes you have to get something in to help you get your energy back. I think I cried over eating an extra Popsicle. With the pre-op diet and the post-op I hadn't real food in forever. When I first started to eat more I felt like a pig. As for the scale my hubby only allows me to weigh in once a week...... He claims it is for my sanity but I am sure it is for his as well ;)