Friday, August 5, 2011

Post op Advice Anyone?

I'm looking to all of you to help me stock my refrigerator for my 2 week pureed stage. I'm having my procedure next Wednesday and am trying to get prepared......if there is such a thing. HELP!


  1. Don't buy too much! That is my biggest advice.
    I made black bean soup and pureed it and it was lovely. Refried beans thinned with a little chicken broth and cheddar cheese my ultimate fav treat. I ate a little yogurt and jello but not really much. I wanted savory. I also liked low fat ricotta with a little tomato sauce and then baked. Felt like a "real" meal instead of baby food. What I personally could not do was eat any meat product pureed. It was a texture that just wasn't for me.

  2. I second that ~ I still have soups in the closet that I can't ever bear to look at!...Re-fried beans, apple sauce, and oatmeal. Tofu is certainly mushie and I did a lot of thick protein shakes.
    good luck!!

  3. Follow the advice of Amanda and Vanessa. You don't want to follow mine, since I basically went straight to Mushies from day 2!!

    Luckily I didn't have any problems....we were out of town (my Surgery was in Reno, and we lived in Sacramento, CA). The Hotel didn't serve anything like plain Soup (only Oriental soup, which I don't eat!), or Oatmeal (except at breakfast time)!! So I relied on Tuna, or Scrambled Eggs, etc. Once we got home, I just continued eating mushies!!

  4. Once I go to mushie I ate a lot of scrambled eggs, white fish, tuna fish,applesauce, canned fruit and stuff like that.
    Don't worry about getting too much.

  5. I ate a lot of polenta during mushies. Grits too, for something different.

  6. Soup, protein shakes, mashed potatoes, yogurt, jello, pudding, refried beans