Monday, August 15, 2011

Post Op Day 5

Just thought I'd check in and say I'm doing good. It gets better each day. The biggest problem is all the gas/bloating. Uuugh! It's so uncomfortable, but the GasX is helping and it's not as bad today. 

I haven't been hungry at all. Even when I'm eating, I'm not hungry. I'm just eating to survive, but I'm kind of getting sick of pureed foods! One more week of this and then I can move on. I'm learning that my hunger is all in my head. As much as I'm not hungry, I'm dying to have a hamburger. Why? Why do I want to eat when I'm not hungry?!?

One problem --> I can't stay off the damn scale. It's horrible. I want to see a huge drop and it's just not there yet, but what can I expect with all this bloating and on top of it I got my period (lovely timing!). 

It's also hard to get all my water in each day. I'm so focused on not drinking 30 minutes before or after eating.......then I forget to drink. I hope some day this all becomes routine!!

Anyhoo, Happy Monday everyone! I hope you all have a great week!


  1. lol!! Stay off the scale!!

    Oh and now I want a hamburger! So thanks for that!! haha

  2. I'm the last one to say not to follow your doc's orders but my doc says it's fine to drink right up to when you eat, just not right after. I find it's much easier to get my water in that way. Hang in there!

  3. Now I want a hamburger!@!

  4. Hey lady! I know the gas pain was the WORST for me...they told me it would happen, but OY, there is nothing to prepare you for that. It WILL go away, I promise. I was feeling mostly better by the 8th day, so hang in. Just my own experience, during the healing phase, my clinic told me not to expect a big downward trend, because you're still healing. So don't worry about the scale - I didn't weigh for one week after my surgery and I was down 9.6 pounds [don't hit me, I have a
    point!] ...and then up .4 the next week, so you never know. I used to work at a weight loss clinic [my hardcore program] and I always told my clients [and myself] that once a week is preferable, just because then you miss all those lovely female ups and downs...if you can manage to only do it once a week, you might feel better. These are just my thoughts!!! Sounds like you are doing great, so keep it up!

  5. Glad you're starting to feel better! I wasn't hungry at all the first week or 2 after surgery, but when I did start getting hungry I realized my stomach was healing.

  6. When you're less than 2 weeks post op, I feel like the hydration is the most important. You're not hungry, so just make sure to get in as much as you can so you don't get I dehydrated. As for meals, I drink before, nothing during (unless a sip if it is super spicy) and none for 1 hour after. Hang in there...I'm 6 wks post op and I'm telling is looking up!